Why would I do this?

Not everyone should.

Lots of recruiters have great careers working for traditional staffing agencies. They work best under supervision, for a boss who provides clear and constant direction and holds their recruiters accountable for their metric goals: marketing calls, sourcing calls, recruiting calls: you know the routine. That has been the tradition for almost 70 years and it is a long-proven business model.

If you have been a recruiter for 5 years or more, you KNOW when you make calls that count and calls that are just made to meet your quota. Imagine just making the calls that you know will count!

Are you thinking, “It is time to break free of that old-school staffing model”?

You have come to the right place.

What other questions are you asking?

How long has it been since you calculated the revenue dollars you drive into your company and compared that with your W-2? If you haven’t done it lately, do it now. That may be the answer to the question above.

Take your total Direct Hires fees from above, multiply it times 80% or 90%–that would be your income if you billed that with Hire4Group. Now compare that with your most recent “Gross Pay to Date” on your recent pay stub or last year‘s W-2. If the Hire4 number is higher AND you know you can continue to generate similar revenue, then YOUR answer to the question above is looking back at you.

It is quick AND easy. Hire4Group provides a unique combination of cutting edge technology and combined industry resources. When you join Hire4Group you are NOT stepping out on your own, it will just look and feel like it—in a really good way. It’s not like “blind faith” it’s like stepping into freedom, working with:

  • an amazing team of seasoned expert recruiters
  • HOT job orders ready for your submittals
  • Quick, easy to use tools that minimize the non-revenue generating activities—you just focus on making placements, money and plans for your extra free time.
You already know that working a month as a commissioned recruiter and if you don’t make a placement, you don’t make any money. At Hire4Group, we have three ways to even out your income stream and keep cash flowing!

  • Build your own team, your own virtual bullpen and they will earn money FOR YOU when they make placements. There is no limit. As long as your referrals are Hire4 recruiters, they are building YOUR income stream.
  • Contract and Temporary. Most independent recruiters are not able to take on the responsibility (payroll, insurance, taxes, etc.) putting your talented candidates out on contract. We take care of all that. You get a weekly update of hours/dollars billed, GM and of course, as the cash comes we pay 75% of margin in commission.
  • Hourly Sourcing services. HIRE4Group clients need your help not just to fill the big placements (yes, we like those). We also contract to provide hourly sourcing services. Whether you sell the service or do the sourcing, you earn monthly income.
I’ve never done it, but want to learn how to start my own recruiting business from home. We all started out as a beginner at one time but Hire4Group is not the place to start. Hire4Group is for top producing recruiters who already have established themselves as leaders in their niche, region or market. Check out the hundreds of staffing companies out there and pick one that offers what you want. After you have proven yourself, call me and let’s talk.

What can you do for me that I’m not already doing for myself? Or, why not stay out on my own and keep 100% of my fees?
If you’re an independent recruiter, you already know the benefits you enjoy. So what could Hire4Group offer that you don’t already have?

  1. Imagine your business with a full staff of back office support —billing, collections, database management, webmaster, group advantages with vendors, etc. Instead of those late night bookkeeping sessions or checking your mailbox for that check that hasn’t come yet, you receive regular updates with your aging receivables, revenue report and EFT notices when your commission is deposited in your account.
  2. Contract revenues without Employer of Record liability. Most recruiters are passing up lucrative contract and temporary business—who wants the liability of being employer-of-record, withholding taxes, filing 940’s and 941’s, not to mention funding payroll. With Hire4Group, you just set up your candidate and we handle the rest and forward the net margin on to you. You’ll be able to say YES to making money in new ways!
  3. For our team, THE TEAM IS the greatest asset HIRE4Group offers you. Every member of the HIRE4Group team is committed to making placements, working cooperatively and increase everyone’s success. AND we do that in a TRUSTING, RELIABLE, ETHICAL manner.Every independent recruiter I talk with has horror stories of submittals they’ve made to another recruiter and never hear back, placements made and months later, still no split commission check, or worse: you send your best, most-placeable candidate and the other independent says, “I already have him/her”. Those are the realities of being entirely on your own.
  4. With HIRE4Group, you work out of the same ATS and CRM, you KNOW what candidates are in play. The team is highly integrated, communicative and facilitated.

Training and professional development is a way of life for top producers. We offer an awesome training program with the finest trainers in the industry. We also offer a variety of webinars and discussion opportunities to learn from each other and the experts in recruiting.