In a marketplace over-run by corporate behemoths and mom-n-pop’s that come and go within months, many companies are settling for either cheap corporate volume contracts OR just what’s available from their local recruiter. HIRE4Group offers the small company quality, search-specific service provided by highly professional recruiters who work on a nationwide team, leveraging the latest technologies AND traditional sourcing/recruiting strategies.

The HIRE4Group Difference

The HIRE4Group is an innovative business model designed to benefit you, the client, by providing all the support and non-revenue generating activity so the total focus and work of the recruiter is where you want it: identifying and qualifying the best talent available in the market.

As a client, you have direct, one-on-one contact with your recruiter. Your job requisitions are not “community property” reassigned at whim with no one whom you can hold accountable. Your recruiter owns and operates his/her own business and that means you have a dedicated advocate who represents you to the rest of the team.

HIRE4Group recruiters are more empowered, more engaged and a LOT more flexible than other business models allow.


  • DIRECT HIRE CONTINGENCY SEARCH – Fees are earned once our candidate accepts your offer and arrives their first day on the job.
  • DIRECT HIRE “CONTAINER” SEARCH – Places your search at the forefront of the entire team’s priority. An upfront deposit moves your search from just a Hot Search to Priority One.
  • CONTRACT/CONTRACT TO HIRE – Either as 1099 or W-2. You may hire any contractor at any time. HIRE4Group will credit all earned margin from the contractor toward the Direct Hire Fee
  • SOURCING SERVICES – Sometimes you just have a lot of openings and need sourcing and qualifying help from an expert recruiter to expedite your hiring. HIRE4Group is able to provide those services on an hourly basis for a few months or indefinitely.