Recruiter Standards

Hire4Group has created alliances with many of the most innovative recruiters in the industry. We have meticulously interviewed each recruiter with your best interests in mind. Only those recruiters who are able to pass our ten point test, progress to become an elite member of the Hire4Group Recruiter Network.

Recruiter Network Test Metrics:


  • Honesty: Word and Action
  • Ethics: To make the tough call when it’s the right thing to do
  • Sincerity: It’s a state of the heart, not how one signs a letter
  • Innovation: Only our values can be labeled “old fashioned”


  • Price Point: We know the value of our work and position in the market
  • Effectiveness: “Make it Happen” solutions that create a positive ROI for the customer
  • Client Satisfaction: Outrageously Happy Clients
  • Extreme Customer Service: Finding the WIN/WIN even in the toughest situation
  • Knowledge of Industry Trends: “Up to the latest tweet” on Recruiting and HR Practices
  • Openness to develop creative solutions: We don’t just adapt, we set the progressing standard for “WIN–WIN” solutions: Proud Iconoclasts of the old-school staffing/recruiting model