What will I get?

Turn-key is the first word that comes to mind. Wherever you can take your computer, get internet access and get a phone signal is where you can choose to work.

The Hire4Group comprehensive set of tools, services and resources is right there for you to start making placements.

When you are a member of the Inner Circle, you’ll have:

  • CRM Customer Relationship Manager
  • ATS Applicant Tracking System
  • Access to HIRE4Group Resume bank
  • Qualified job orders ready for your referrals
  • Automatic broadcast of your job orders to dozens of job boards
  • Access to Monster resume database
  • Ongoing training webinars and a cache of awesome advance level recruiter training
  • Weekly req review meetings with your teammates that help you target your sourcing and recruiting! Up to the minute HOT SHEET updates throughout the week
  • YOU can stay focused on making money and having a LIFE. We provide full back-office, accounting, invoicing, collections support, manage vendors and keep your resources, tools, HIRE4Group website, career center, and job boards fresh, updated and productive.


Branding is easy. You can work as a Hire4Group (Hire4Engineering, Hire4Technology, etc.) Recruiter, use Hire4Group.com as your website or create your own brand.

WHAT YOU DON’T GET may be as important as what you get.

  • NO NON-COMPETE,  your business is your business.  If at some point you decide to leave Hire4, you can download your data and take it with you.
  • NO MANDITORY SCHEDULE.  Work when you want, where you want and as much as you want.  Of course, if you want to be financially successful, you need to put in the work, but if you want to get started at noon and work into the night, that’s your choice.  If you start early and take off early, that’s YOUR choice.  Work while the kids are in school and finish up after they go to bed.  You’ll never miss another school play or little league game because you can’t leave work.
  • NO BOSS, unless you count yourself or your passion for recruiting.  You may choose to make a pact with another Hire4 teammate to help keep yourself reaching for your goals, but that’s YOUR choice.