Hire4Group LLC Consulting Services

Hire4Group can help your recruiting firm by providing a variety of services geared to doing one thing, INCREASE REVENUE. Whether you are in start-up mode either by product or geography, in a turn-around mode because of faltering sales or change in environment, or a mature organization struggling to get to the next step, we can provide you the tools and expertise you need to reach your goals, or even help identify your goals with you.

Below is a sampling of area’s in which we can provide expert services.

  • Ownership coaching & mentoring
  • Outsourced sales & recruiter Management
  • Create or revamp sales & recruiter hiring process
  • Reconfigure territory management
  • Restructure compensation plans
  • Develop effective sales & recruiter management structure
  • Define and create an accountability culture
  • Create a team based sales & recruiting culture
  • Implement effective sales & recruiter coaching system
  • Implement customized sales process for improved selling
  • Redesign or enhance orientation program to improve induction and retention
  • Design & implement inside sales / call center environment
  • Recommend upgrades for more effective sales resources
  • Advise on design/enhancements of collateral sales materials
  • Construct efficient sales support systems
  • Analyze product/service knowledge training for improved knowledge transfer
  • Advise on CRM/Contact Management & Applicant Tracking software systems and procedures to increase ROI
  • Help to create unity on the sales team
  • Define realistic sales expectations for improved goal setting and performance appraisal
  • Make recommendations on most appropriate sales and recruiter training
  • Define the unique make up of each salesperson and recruiter for better coaching and development
  • Help sales & recruiting team navigate through changes in senior management
  • Help sales & recruiting team navigate through changes in strategic direction
  • Negotiate all major service agreements/contracts
  • Succession planning